12 March 2015

Temporarily (I hope) Deaf in my Left Ear

After the holidays, the flu and a thousand other things going on, I got a nasty cold. The nastiest cold I have ever gotten to be exact. One of the worst. Put me down for 4 days. It gave me a raging ear infection.

I'm working on a week with no hearing in my left ear. What?!

Yup. I woke up a week ago deaf in my left ear. As in I can't hear anything more than mumbles and a high pitched ringing that has replaced normal sound.

Hopefully it won't be permanent. Hopefully the antibiotics will correct this. Hopefully. But, as we all know, Meniere's is a hearing and balance disorder. So I might be like this a while.

It feels isolating, to be honest. I can't hear people coming in and out of my office, I can't use the phone on that ear, and I can not stand to listen to the radio in the car because its lopsided.  It sucks.

So lets hope the last two days of the antibiotics knocks this out so I don't have to keep saying "What?"

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