15 March 2015

Dreams of the Other Me

Sometimes my dreams are filled with remembering who I was before I was me now.

Lately that's been a lot.  I remember the amazing time I had as a firefighter (not the bad stuff thank goodness) as I sleep. I do all the things I used to do, then I wake up.

Sometimes I wonder what things would have been had I not gotten sick. I try not to fill my mind with "what if's" but sometimes they seem to pour in in large volumes. I sit quietly at my desk and close my eyes. My mind wonders to another time and another place. Just as I start to drift away back into that dreamland, I snap away at the sound of the phone chirping.

Gotta shake it off and get back to constructive things. Im not there anymore and I will never go back. Its time to move on, I tell myself. Time to move on.

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