06 February 2012

Health Care: Only Those With Insurance or Money Need Apply

I read a lot of news columns, and I read the comments.  One of the things that makes me so angry that I could reach through cyber-space and slap some one is when there is a comment on health care that is nasty and hateful towards those that CAN NOT AFFORD CARE OR INSURANCE.  Its a touchy subject for me right now because of my situation.  I am facing major medical bills in the coming months, and am trying to scramble to get the PCIP approved so we can get care.  Here is the thing, the ER has to see you, but the specialists don't. The hospital has a great payment plan and a sliding scale for those that are unable to afford care, BUT the doctors don't.  We are doing all we can.  I'm trying to get coverage, I'm trying to get a job, I'm TRYING, but there is only so much you can do. 
Today when  talked to the specialist about my thyroid, I was told the appointment tomorrow would be between 250-500 bucks, and payment was expected at that time.  Thank God we still have a little in the bank from the long term sub job I worked last year. But that is not going to hold out for long. What if we didn't have the money? What happens then?  What happens if they tell me tomorrow I need surgery or expensive tests before we get the insurance plan approved? There is only so much you can do without insurance.
So in frustration I decided to paint the hall. The paint has been thinned with my tears more than it should have been. I'm scared and upset. 
Its a short rant. Health care shouldn't be just for those with money. PERIOD.